My wife and I have had acupuncture with our Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Xingning Zhao, for over 15 years. During those years she treated us for such conditions as sinus headaches, bronchitis, sciatica, neuropathy, arthritis,and bone injuries. Sometimes she dispenses some Chinese herbs to help our conditions. Dr. Zhao treats us with patience, honesty, and respect while she diagnoses our problems and provides the appropriate treatment. We try to have monthly maintenance sessions to help strengthen our immune systems and are grateful that we have such a practitioner that we can see for any problem that may crop up.


We have guided some of our friends to see Dr. Zhao for their health and pain problems and will continue to recommend her. Acupuncture promotes natural healing, and treats the underlying problem rather than just masking the problem. Good medical care should be a union of Western medicine with acupuncture.


Sandra and Dennis Zepka, Engineer, North Adam, MA