I have been a patient of Dr. Zhao’s for about 11 years, and through acupuncture she has relieved many health issues for me. I became a believer in acupuncture healing when my wife, who was suffering from sciatica, and through the recommendation of a friend, visited Dr. Zhao to relieve her pain. On that afternoon, I was literally carrying my wife into the office, and about an hour latter, she was walking out on her own.


Since then, Dr. Zhao has relived me of allergy issues and sinus problems. Her treatments have strengthened my immune system to the point of no longer having to take allergy medications.


I have arthritis in several joints, most painful are my knees. Dr. Zhao has relieved the pain associated with my joints to a very tolerable level. Occasionally, I suffer from back issues, and again, she has given much relief in that area. With the arthritis, I have the double whammy, which is a skin irritation. Through acupuncture, again, Dr. Zhao has relieved the itch and burn, and presently, the irritation is gone!


I do realize that medications and physical therapy have their place in the healing process for the human body, but I highly recommend evaluating Dr. Zhao’s acupuncture as an alternative in helping your body achieve the total healing process.


Paul Allen, Physics Instructor, North Adams, MA