Dr. Xingning Zhao has been my acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Doctor for 10 years. Not only do I protect my immune system by monthly visits to Dr. Zhao's, but when I travel I carry with me her Chinese Medicine herb teas or pills to take care of digestive or respiratory issues that may occur. Chinese medicine does not interfere with any other Western Medicine treatment but enhances it. For me, Acupuncture has often replaced other more invasive treatments and kept me healthy, now well in my 70's. Dr. Zhao is a caring acupuncturist with a quick mind and diagnostic; she is a wonderful listener and guides you through your individual treatment with patience and an informed respect for the body's natural processes of healing.


If you are looking for Alternative Medicine, I believe Acupuncture practiced by this doctor could be a solution to unsolved physical issues. It works for me.


Ghetta Hirsch, Artist, Williamstown, MA