Accepted Insurances

We accept Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Tufts Health Plan, Cigna Health Plan, VA insurance, Fallon Health, Allways Health, TriWest and no-fault insurance. Please contact your insurance plan for acupuncture coverage.

When you contact your plan, ask the following questions: a) if the plan covers acupuncture service and if yes, how many treatments it will cover in one year? b) What illnesses and clinic conditions does the plan cover for acupuncture treatment, such as pain and substance abuse (including cigarette smoking cessation and alcohol cessation), etc.? c) If there is any deduction or co-payment the patient has to make? d) If the acupuncture treatment needs a pre-authorization from the plan before you can be treated and/or if you need a physician's referral to get acupuncture service?

For federal employees, their medical insurances often cover acupuncture.

Many commercial insurance plans also cover acupuncture. Please check your plan directly.

More insurances will cover acupuncture and we will update the information periodically.